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Red face Another "Crashes to desktop" thread

I really love this game, but I'm frustrated that I can only
play for about 20 minutes because of constant CTD.
Playing Skirmish last a bit longer, but in multiplayer mode
it's 10 - 20 minutes max.

Following different advices I've tried everything from
forcing the game into DX9 mode, to putting everything
in lowest settings. Unfortunately It makes no difference.

Please don't send this game to the grave yet, since it's has
such a high potential. The silence on the forum from both
users and devs tells me it has begun. Such a shame.

Computer Specs:

Windows 7, 64 bit
i7, 920 CPU
6 GB memory
ATI 4850 graphics card
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same thing for me with ATI HD4890
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Can't continue the 6th campaign mission with the USA without to experience CTD near the end of the mission, i'm trying to complete it from this morning but a CTD comes out with "not enough memory"
Asus P5Q3 deluxe
8 Gb RAM
Intel E 8500 3,16 Ghz
Ati Radeon HD4890
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
tried with even low graphics settings but it Crashes

Last ATI 10.3 drivers and feb 2010 DirectX

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Posted 02 March 2010 - 10:29 AM

Mike_WN, on 02 March 2010 - 10:22 AM, said:

Mr Nice,

Here's our recommendations on how to fix this problem:

1. Turn off Physics in the options (Physx: off) (in your case it's turned on according to log:PhysX: SW simulation)
2. Lower the texture quality up to normal (or low) - Texture quality: normal (low)
3. Reload the game after each scenatio.

NOTE: If you load saved game which was made with Physx turned on then go to Options turn on and then turn off Physics again and the save the game with Physx turned off.

The next patch will solve the problem with Not enough memory at windows vista/7 64 bit.
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