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RTCW not running on XP

Hey all, I have a problem with RTCW. When I try to run the game, it goes to the grayish screen (I know that's supposed to happen, with most Quake 3 engine games) then it just crashes to desktop. I can run the multiplayer part of the game, but not the single player game. The game is fully updated, and it is the retail version, (not the game of the year edition). If anyone can help, please do so.

My specs:
Intel Pentium D dual core processor 3.0ghz
BFG Geforce 9800 GT with 1GB of video memory
3GB of Ram

Game ran when I had a 8500GT, so I wonder if it is the fact that its my graphics card that refuses to run the game, or its my drivers... which are fully updated.
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Same here, whereas I had a working steam installation a few months back.
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Have you added your own custom settings to autoexec.cfg (in "Main") for MP? If so, then it can hose your SP. See my P.S. in this post for the fix.

It's OK to have a custom autoexec, and in fact you ought to for MP, to be sure your settings are loaded for various mods you might play online, but unfortunately it's also loaded for SP and MP/SP settings don't always play nice together.

If all else fails you can do "\cvar_restart" then "\vid_restart" and SP should load (with default settings!). If not, you can delete wolfconfig.cfg (no need to delete the _mp one) and give your customized autoexec a .bak extension before playing SP, or move it temporarily to the desktop. It's an annoyance, I know.

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on xp? really? I cant run cuz im on 64 bit W7. Sux cuz I wanna play it too.
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