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It's pretty simple; abuse the oil resources while you have them. When they disappear, use the money you saved up to spam tobacco farms (all the soil in the middle part is perfect for tobacco.) After that save up money from tobacco exports and get a high school, a cigar factory and a college. Save up again and keep building cigar factories (three or four should do the trick.) This will give you a significant economic upper hand, and essentially allow you to spoil your citizenry (Just give them everything they ask for; except for the nationalists as they are a bunch of idiots.)

I forgot about the 65% and only focused on economy until I got the five year notice at which point I had 53% happiness. I managed, because I had focused on my economy to gain 100% respect across the line and build entertainment, change salaries, build TV/Radio/hopsitals etc. etc. etc. and eventually got 67% before the end of term. So yeah, you can hold off on worrying about happiness and just focus on the economy.
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I've finally succeeded in this campain. I think the latest patch made an difference... I gave everyone maximum wages to achieve 66% happiness, but had to try twice to get 66% (the first time it stood at 65% and I failed in the last second)...
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Originally Posted by ThanatoZ View Post
This mission gave me tons of trouble. I tried everything, with no success. Rather frustrating... Even with everyone living rent-free in condos, surrounded by decorations, people were never quite happy enough
That mission might be impossible, or at the very least REALLY difficult.
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