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Post Vahamon's review and suggestions.

First point: I will make it straight, my native language is French so it is possible that what I try to say will be a bit confused and if it is, I beg you to forgive me. Now this being said, let’s go to the Mather at hands, my critic of Stargate Resistance.

(15/30)Graphic, visual and sound: The graphic and the visual is a important part in every game, it serve to attract player, amaze them and giving them environment in which they can play. Sound serve has a immersion feeling who play a large part in most of the game so I have regrouped all this topic in one.

The graphic in Stargate Resistance is not on high-end definition purpose, based on the unreal tournament 3 engine, the game try to drain every power they can use. But in 2010 this is not enough, you will see the environmental atmosphere of SG but you won’t see any physical goodie and for my liking the graphic could be a lot better. The visual effect and environmental effect is ok but nothing that will amaze you. The sound is very annoying, not original in anyway and too much repetitive, the music is not good at all and I suggest you take a time to make yourself a good music track playlist before starting the game.

(50/60) Gameplay: The gamplay is not bad, the choice of six classes (3 SG and 3 SL) make the game feel like a bit of Star Wars battlefront but with less possibility in it. The Jaffa /Soldier class is the main one you are suppose to see in a battle, they are the core member of a team who give firepower in anyway they can. But those class need some practice to deal with, in those one some *hidden*tactic is necessary to achieve some good score and too bad for you their is no tutorial in this game. Same thing for the other class, you don’t really know what you’re doing until you ask someone some explanation. The classes itself is well-balanced but like in all multiplayer games there is some improvement to make and adjustment to make the game fully enjoyable. For example why a scientific can make turret out of no-where? Why the assassin can kill, while hidden, in one blow is enemy?

They need to improve the balancing of the class to make sure that everyone can play in all type of game. Still I enjoy the gamplay much, you need to fight has much with your brain then with your skill, if you rush into your enemy without someone covering you , you die. Also important thing, the all the servers is situated in texas so if you play from Europe, you will find it much laggy, and lags is what truly ruining the gamplay in this game. (they say they will correct this, we shall see.)

(1/5) Originality: What is that? Maybe it is what producer ask for themselves while making this game. There is no originality or innovation in this game. The story is non-existent, no encyclopaedia in game, no original feature implanted in a game, just the old background of human against Goa’uld. The map they use to make is not that original, they are true to the universe but nothing more.

(3/5) Durability: This one is the harder part of the review, I won't lie to you, the durability of this game depends of what you like about it. Player are not always connected, and servers can be deserted easily. If you enjoy the gamplay you will surely play this more then 4 hour, if not you will blow your mind and never talk about this game you brought. If you wish you can play this game all day, you can choose your game servers mod and play what you like but at first you must appreciate and understand the gamplay.

Overall: 69% is the score of this game. I’ll be honest with you I love playing this game despite the score I give it, there is a lot of room for improvement and I hope the producer of the game will understand the potential of the *stargate right* they have brought to make this game. To have a better core-player base they need to improve the game in several way: here some suggestion.

1: A *friend list* within the game like Battlefield 2142 could be really useful to see who is connected, in what servers.

2: A encyclopaedia in-game telling you something you may not know about the universe.

3: Class adjustment, maybe disable the turret for the scientific in *Stole the artefact mode* and reduce the strength of Assassin (I don’t recall the real name but this is what they do.) Sneak attack. Making a bit more difficult to aim for commando, they are after all the only class who can aim.

4: Implanting a tutorial for new player, without tutorial in-game you just kill potential player.

5: A demo is necessary for people unsure if they will like it or not. (Because you like or you don’t like that game, their is no middle.)

6: A customization system is something a lot of player could love; after all, the player can identified himself with is avatar and play much more than usual.

7: Open a no-ranked server for beginner, or a *tutorial server*.Something to practice your skill.

8: more interaction with the immediate environment will be nice to see, destroying wall, or cover would be really cool, and yes I know I am such a dreamer.

9: Adding more players to a battle, making bigger map for epic-combat.

Why did you want to play this game? You want to feel like in stargate, crushing the human or the Goa’uld, you want to play against other player and test yours skill with them. You want real challenge in slow-fast-paced game who delivers you the best that you can offer. If you are a skill player, you can react only on reflex, if you are like me, well you need to think a bit before engaging the combat.

[B]Why do you want to not play this game? [/B]The lags is horrible and it’s annoying you, getting yourself killed. You are a call of duty game type, fast action game and finding enemy is for you a bit too much. The graphic is not your type, the sound annoying you so much that you want to die or you simply don’t like the universe. If you don’t like startgate at first, you surely won’t love this game.

What do I say:In a other game I would recommend you to try the demo, but you can’t so ask your friend, go see some youtube video, read about the game: Good aspect and bad aspect. Take what you like and compare to what you didn’t like. You are the only one to know if you will like it or not. I respect all opinion, I am a free thinker has you have to be too. So wish you like my little review, I know my English is near craps, but hey, I do what I can with the little brain I have!

To the producer: No disrespect, I love the game and I understand budget problem, still my point is clear, you release this game too fast and you need to improve it the best you can to attract other player. This was only my opinion, this being said, I love this game and it is why I want some improvement!

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I must confess, I tend to agree with Vahamon's findings.

I feel there are a lot of possibilities to make this game a winner, especially with more maps, balanced game play and better graphics/sound. I would also favor a space combat side for the game.

I realize this may complete the idea that this game is a clone of Star Wars Battlefront disguised in a Stargate attire, but frankly, I wouldn't care one bit if it were as I enjoyed both Battlefronts immensely. For now, four maps is a bit too little to my tastes as the gameplay gets repetitive rather fast.

As a casual player ( mostly to de - stress from work ) I don't mind shooting the enemy through his brain or boil his brains using the Kara-Kesh ribbon device.

For now, I'm hooked into the game and will continue playing it and see where it leads.


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Thank you KnTrac for your opinion, I mean I have done this critic the way I view this game and I understand the frustration of some player who play this game. Like I say, there is loot of room for improvement in this game and this is up to the producer and those who making this game to give it some overhaul and maybe doing a some sort of demo to be fair with future player. If someone hesitate buying this game and he can’t try it, he won’t buy it, that is simple.

Wish I see you in game KnTrac! Enjoy your playtime!
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