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A more real map

After seeing the cool-looking map by spacebug I thought it was time to post my own.

This is very different from earlier maps because I wrote an app that parses the game level data-file instead of using screenshots.

So far I have:
Ground : black lines.
Waterlevel : blue line.
Pieces (for the tower): red dots.
Creatures: green dots.
Movable objects: blue dots.

I think waterlevel is the initial height of the water, but it seems to be drawn in the wrong location (bug in my code perhaps).

The scale is 1:8.

73,1 KB (PNG) @ 3659 x 1680 pixels

(main-level from ver. 1.1)

If you have any comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to post them.

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That is really awesome that you wrote an app to create the image!

I'd make it smaller http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/5205/patchedc.png

The moon seems to be mostly missing, and the platform over the door is also missing a side.

Other things you may want to add if you want a really complete map are positions of the various plants and creatures, rocks and planks. I ran out of motivation before I got as far as creatures and plants in my map!

And now I've noticed a piece of terrain that I missed in my one. *sigh*
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Are you saying that not everyone have 6GB ram in their machines? :P
But sure, smaller it is.

The moon and platform actually isn't any more than that. If you fly towards the side of the moon you will go straight through it, and the upper side of that "platform" is actually a part of the tower (that looks and acts like ground), not a piece of ground.

I will skip the plants for now, I can't see a good way to show them.

The community around Blueberry Garden seems pretty dead, but I hope to give it an uplift. Today with the maps. Later by releasing the tool(s) I have written, but only if Erik don't mind (just need to find a way to talk to him, and finish some things).

I will update the first post in a minute or two.
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