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Is Sacred 2 worth $9.99?

I saw a store selling it for that price, and was thinking of buying it. I like Sacred and I don't care that I can't play coop/online. I think that's not bad for single player. I'd appreciate any suggestions?
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Yes absolutely, especially if you liked sacred 1. Single player works fine, just dont buy if you are expecting to play multiplayer. Sacred 2 has lots of content and six classes to play around with. The graphics are amazing even by todays standards maxed out. You get to explore a huge world just like in sacred 1 but better.
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Old 05-28-2010, 03:34 PM   #3
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Yes, as long as you don't have windows 7 (especially 64-bit). Officially unsupported unless you buy the expansion.

Some people have reported getting it to work by using XP compatibility mode, but it didn't work for me (none of the fixes I found worked for me).
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sacred 2 is great, but its better to spend 19€ and buy the gold version with the expansion on amazon. there are nearly no ppl left that play sacred without the expansion pack ....

edit: btw i read that ppl from usa better get the english european version coz more ppl play sacred in europe, is it true? dont know =)
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