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The original Magic the Gathering PC title was much better then this...

I am very dissapointed, please read my constructive critisisms.

No online co-op, I was led to believe that online campaign co-op was the possible, as I purchased with just on the very minimal information provided in the steam store.

co-op through a gamepad??? Come on! Give us a hot-seat at least... or lan, something other then demanding otherwise useless peripherals... (useless to me at least)

No option to switch on a BIG card so I dont have to do the stupid zoom wheel stuff. There is enough wasted screen space to place one, why is there no option for it???????

Buttons just below the cards you just might not want to cast, when your timer needs to be advanced, but you don't want a happy trigger finger on the tab key in case you misfire...
Yes continue, noooooo not cast that instant which has no effect right now... +3/+3 and trample to 1 creature after attack... usefull...

SLOOOOOOOW gameplay in solo game. AI won't care about how fast I click through my actions, only in online play there might be a benefit from knowing how fast your opponent passes certain stages.

Click through actions seem weird to begin with, as you can click through summons, but not attacks. Also lacking is a "yes I get it just sum it up for me I got nothin..."-button, noticable in larger number attacks. Now i have to click continue, move to specific cards to check some info and then hope I don't misclick on the zoomed card over the continue button.

Can't create my own deck, what kind of BS is this? Why wouldn't I want to build my own deck selected from cards I arbitrarily purchase / unlock???? Basic function !WILL NOT PAY FOR THIS!

Store to unlock decks is missing?

Expansion is where / what ???
Steam note: Also noticed this with other games: the store will keep all expansions with a buy it now option, not showing any kind of "already purchased"- note.

No lobbies, why can't we select our opponents?
If I kick or am kicked, the match maker should remember (auto-kick -> silently continue search, if need be).

I keep being pitted against players with voice chat on without them knowing. BAD DESIGN! Who knows what I might overhear from users that are not aware that it is enabled by default???!???

If I had known this was a port I would not have bought it without researching the original. This will definetly be my last pre-order through steam as on other platforms and methods the customer is better protected against these kind of dissapointments.

Untill at least most of these issues are fixed or at least a promise is made to fix these problems, I'm suggesting all my friends to avoid this game. Spectromancer lacks the deckbuilding and customization, but at least it has a much better interface. I suggest the designer/developer takes a close look at what kinds of interfaces players (might) want. If need be allow players more customization of the interface.

Also Steam is severly lacking in the returning policy, I don't even think it's legal to do business with a European citizen without adhering to a 24 hour return law. Bah 9 euro's keep em...

The only plus sides I found are:
- Nice enough graphics, although a lot of z ordering seems to go wrong (like playing tapped lands slice through the stack, background waterfall draws through stones in front of it).
- Yay, I finally can play some Magic again
- once you get through the obvious GUI flaws its ok and understandable for an online game
- free deck of cards I'll never use, i still have 300-400 4th edition cards that have gone untouched for years...

I know this post sounds very negative, it's supposed to be.
It's also meant as constructive critisism.
Hate me all you want, this is what I think as a game programmer.

Read some reviews, I'm sure they will note the same flaws.

All these things should be easily fixed, who knows, I might even be pleasantly surprised and be pursuaded to invest some more cash in this game.

Hoping for a patch soon,
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