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Crash to desktop and savegame writing

Hi all
I am having the crashes while playing the game
They occour at the end of the level sections (ie A B C etc)
I've read in the other thread :
that the AV can be the problem as it prevents the save game files to be written.

I have Avast5 as AV, and have activated the logging feature after reading this info.
It is indeed caused by the AV, but not because it is preventing the file from being written, but because it holds it for a fraction of second for scanning.
The file is then written, but in this short hold period the program has already freaked out and crashed.
The proof that the save is written comes by reloading the game and seeing the level cleared and the time/rapairkit-used/golden mole infos correctly written and that you are able to go onto the next level or section.

After that I activated Steam Offline, unhooked internet and disabled the AV. It worked... for a while but it crashed at the 3d lavel B.
This time the "culprit" was the Diskeeper (from Diskeeper corporation) as it was accessing exactly that directory.

It seems that the game program can't cope with whatever thing on a pc can place on hold or slow down its write save order.

Do the developers think that this issue can be fixed?
Is it problematic to tell the game program to wait for a bit and leave the time for the av to give the ok to write down the save?

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Hi ya,

Looks like you've done all the hard work for us! Really interesting problem, one which I would of thought the windows I/O system would be able to cope with.

I'm going to look into it, we're actually writing a new file I/O system that will be cross platform but that won't be released for a while.

Leave it with me and I'll see what I can come up with.
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