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Suspended and paused downloads..

I just bought the CoD Pack today that went on sale. I'm having a heck of a time downloading it though. I started off on my local download location and things went well for about 20m. I came back to check on it and it was suspended. All my other downloads from Steam were still running fine.

So now I'm on my third download location and CoD 4 is still stopping either as suspended or paused. What does that even mean? Suspended isn't the same thing as a download being paused then? I'm about 3 hours into a 1h and 15m download. As per the original schedule when I started out @ full bandwidth before the problems.

Anyone that could suggest any help? I'm now getting below half my speed on the download as well as this consistent pausing and suspending. This game might never download.
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maybe its timen out how many dl you got goin at 1 time.get the largest 1 first pause the rest
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That happens when large amount of people are downloading from steam. Happens frequently in tf2 updates, since they have a large community and a frequent updates.
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Yeah I had tried pausing it and making it the only active download. Still was doing the same thing. So I would imagine that Kiarash would have to be correct. Especially due to the fact that they released that huge sale today I can't see how that couldn't have generated a huge amount of traffic. Even more so than tf2 updates.

In the end it just took awhile to download and I only had to restart it a few times after I posted this message. It is complete and runs very well.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. :cheers:
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