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Although after having read some posts on the 1C forums, maybe leadership isn't that big a deal. One guy there seems to do amazing things early game with a single tank unit (like a troll of dragon) and summon spells. And it sounds like if you have the spells to make that work, it's even easier to get your 50 no-loss victories because there's really only one unit you need to bother keeping alive.

Not sure it would have worked for me in my game, because the only summon spell I've seen so far is Call of Nature, which is pretty crappy, but I wanted to mention it since it seems viable and directly contradicts my previous advice.
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Almost finishing the game on Normal. Playing with the Mage. Using Royal Griffins (2xPhantom + 3xGriffin Summon Abilities in the first round is a killer combo, since the summoned Angelic Guards don't vanish!). Plus the Portrait of the King of Griffins (+2 to morale) and the Sandals of Levitation (+1 to speed) to boost their abilities, my Griffins make a lot of havoc on the enemy lines.

I found that Hypnosis + Sacrifice is great too, because one can sacrifice a hypnotized enemy troop!

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Just started playing this game a few days ago after doing a run through of KBTL on Hard mode. I'm currently a level 20 warrior, and as with most of KBTL, I found the difficulty curve to be acceptable and decently challenging (On Hard Mode).

I usually avoid playing on the hardest difficulty settings (except in FPS games) because game developers generally tend to make very generalized sweeping changes to scale difficulty which often produce strange results when taken to an extreme. Excelling on such difficulty settings often requires the user to behave in ways that are .... unsportsmanlike or just annoying. (Exploitation of strategies that require extreme foreknowledge of the game, saving and loading until a hero doesn't cast that spell on that one particular stack of units, making sure a certain spell is available at a shop before committing to a game etc). Not really my idea of fun. </Rant>

As for opponents being too hard, I was slightly disconcerted by the number of Lethal and Invincible encounters that were mixed in with weaker, equal, slightly stronger, and stronger units. (all of which are usually grounds for one sided no loss stompage depending on composition). If you fail to give them the run around, then you may have problems.

For slightly stronger and stronger encounters, I deny my opponents damage by taking kicks in the droid. If I didn't have droids, I would need another source of resurrectable tanks. (My resurrection capabilities aren't terribly high on account of my being a warrior). I don't always need to cast target on them either, it's often enough to teleport them directly in front of enemy archers and attack. Magic Shield (Archmage skill) is pretty mandatory.... especially until I get my guardian medals.
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