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Velvet Raven
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Mouse pointer will not work in Sleeping Dragon? Do I need to get DOS box?

As soon as I try to get George out of the seat belt on the plane there is no mouse pointer most of the time and if I do get to click on the right button go back to Windows,

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I know it's almost two years since the original message was posted, but I was having this problem too and I'll post the answer just in case anyone else does. Turns out this game isn't mouse controlled! You use the arrow keys to move, and WSAD to access the action icons at the bottom right of the screen. Space bar brings up the inventory.

I'd add the usual 'console-port' comments here, but I'm guessing no-one would be interested
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BS3 was very difficult. Random camera rotations. I'd be pressing UP and I'd have George running towards me. Having hum run the other way meant I had to lift and re-apply.

BS4 was better. I could select an area and the character would go to that spot no matter what.

I wouldn't call BS3 a console port because of that. BS4 was PC only
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OK, so what is the keyboard key for "use" (gear icon)? To use George's buckle?
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