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no ships available


I just bought the game, and there's one point I don't understand.
When I start a new race, after selected a race, there is any ship available in the ship selection...and when i start the race, it seems I can't control annything but watch.
Any clue?
I think I missed something!

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It's very likely to be the same problem as one already mentioned somewhere in that forum and on the developer forum.
It's related to special characters like 'ç' or 'ü' that the program doesn't like...

And the solution is explained here (or somewhere in that forum, can't find it back).

You'll have to change some stuff in an ini (...\Super Laser Racer\Settings\Engine.ini somewhere under your Steam folder I guess) to avoid those special characters and you should then be OK.

Happy races!
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Thank you very much! Works perfectly now!
I'm really thankfull, I checked the other topics on this forum but did not see a problem like this mentionned, and I woundnt have thought of using newstargames.com!
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