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The game himself runs smooth I did noticed there was no VSync implanted to the game with is kinda 'missing' for people who like to play it safe. The mechanics/story are pretty well worked out and seems to function fine in most of the situations. Some times when repairing some thing you just have to be very quick some times (like level 6 and above with is barely do able). The game is easy enough to play for most of the people above 14 years or older. From my experience the game and mechanics works properly beside the bugs listed down below.

The game is fun to play and seems to work out fine as the idea from NASA. I would hope/suggest to create more missions for the players to get much more out of their money when they are buying it.

This is my report for what kind of issues I have found and there will be more results placed today.

Originally Posted by Test on 02-07-2010
-Processes that generates pop ups involves the game performance drastically.
-UPnP creates an invisible error but goes trough.
-UPnP testing gives a huge load and crashes the client/game.
-After finishing the missions the last solar panel remains broken.
(Does look like fixed but still hanging in low position and lights
keep red.)
-Mouse speeds are insane on mouses with 1200 DPI or Higher inside the game.

-The animations of the air generator should disappear 1 by 1 after?
repairing/replacing items?
-Some animations loses their bones (Example arms flapping around
during stressing the memory)

-When using a robot it gets stuck on or below the tubing for electricity.
-When standing on a higher ground and you drop an item or object you
get stuck between the ground/object.
-Jumping/Walking is equally to speed?

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