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Review - Two words on: Osmos


If you like round things, Osmos will likely get a party started in your pants.

The game itself is intriguing and well designed. It's polished and shiny, round and bouncy.

That's all it is really, graphically at least.

The whole games evolves around you, a ball, absorbing or running away from other balls.

The game is designed to make the surrounding enviroment feel like either part of a living organism or some sort of universe in which you generally have to survive by avoiding larger balls than yourself. It actually works out pretty well with a great choice of relaxing colors and mood soothing themes.

The mechanics behind the game itself are not revolutionary. Absorb small balls to become bigger, avoid larger balls unless you want to end your adventure prematurely.

The main aspect
of the game that deserves attention is the soothing music that will accompany you through out the different stages of the game.

You'll probably manage to get so relaxed in this game to forget about your screaming mother or obnoxious fat wife beating you with a wooden spork while you play the game.

However, this game will also manage to grow the feeling you have to physically kill someone.


Because it's /@*#ing frustrating.

Some of the levels are so freaking hard you'll want to beat yourself to pulp with a nailed board.

But to be honest, if it were all easy, we would be complaining about the game being too easy and too short.. so I guess we'll have to cope with a couple of unholy-satan-worshiping-impossible levels.

Controls are as straight forward as possible.

Use your mouse and keyboard to control your sphere and time speed.

Easy to get used to, no complaints here.

In conclusion, the game is a great escape from ordinary games and even though ambience games are not really fashionable nowadays, You'll not regret buying it at a discounted price. You'll probably play it for 10 minutes every day

Two words on Osmos: Very Enjoyable (I bought it, why shouldn't you do the same? )

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