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Time Bandit
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NBA 2k10 - is it still supported?

Yeah, gonna buy 2k10, but have a question first. Is that game still fully supported by 2k? I mean, are the rosters updated regularry? (what's the latest date of roster update?) Will it be updated with the start and during the next NBA season? Don't wanna buy a game if it's gonna be unsupported. Thanks, peace!
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The rosters are accurate as of the end of the post season, as far as I'm aware. If you don't have 2K10 yet, it may pay to wait out the next 3 months or so until 2K11 comes out. I'd be real surprised if 2K10 automatically updates the rosters for next season. If they do, a lot of people probably won't bother to buy 2K11 because, at least among my friends, they only buy the new versions to have updated rosters. I definitely haven't heard anything official on this, though. I could be wrong.

Then again, 2K11 will have Jordan and that alone will probably move units regardless of anything else.

But overall I'd say try to wait it out until 2K11.
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