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Originally Posted by KSA_Technology View Post
- Copy world 4 old.map from the time_attack folder
- Paste it in the maps folder
- Rename area4.map to world 4 map-area4.map
- Rename world 4 old.map to area4.map
- Run game (will get you the achievement)
- Close game
- Delete area4.map
- Rename world 4 map-area4.map back to area4.map
...or at least that's what I did; glad to've poked around in the time attack stuff in-game before reading WHYD?'s description.

I also didn't get a pop-up (even ran World 4 up to the design divergence), but then remembered the achievement's conditions, exited, and saw I'd gotten it anyway. Neat-o.

ALSO: "Verify integrity of game cache", FTParanoid

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I got it by buffing my character (increasing jump height, slowing fall speed, and other stuff in the player.rb script)

and then 'getting' another achievement.
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