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(Unofficial KQ9) The Silver Lining - Episode 1

Well im probaly sure most ppl already know about it but never brothered to post in here so for ppl who dosnt know The Silver Lining is comming out the 10th July.

After so many years and C&D its finnaly gonna get released! for once Activision did something right to allow it to be released.

Official Site: http://www.tsl-game.com/

1UP Interview: http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/30266

Cant wait for the release, its free btw

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Just found out about this. Trying to get it to work in OS X. =P
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It definitely was a great day when I read about it finally being released.

I have it downloaded and installed, now I just need some time to play it. I think I may do a run through the first six as it has been many a year since I have played any of them, and I would like to be up to speed on them when I experience the first chapter of Silver Lining.
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