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list of crates surprises

hey here's a little list i made of the surprises you can get from crates. Since I couldnt find it in either the game or the manual I guess there's alot more people who are unsure what the crates exactly can do. Please make a little reply if you got something to add.

creates 3 special units on one of your bases that will last 60 seconds. These units can be moved by using the left mouse button. To fire at enemies, point the mouse towards the enemies and hold the right mouse button. To launch grenades (extremely powerfull versus groups of multiwinians, click the left mouse button while firing)

click on an area on the map, that will get destroyed by a few meteors falling from the sky. Extremely powerfull. During the effect the game speed will slow down untill the meteors all have landed.

click on an area on the map, that will get destroyed by a few nukes launched from submarines (only visual, can't be commanded or destroyed). The attack is extremely powerfull, but takes very long to reach the area.

multiwinians around the crate will get infected and turn into evilinians (black multiwinians and bigger of size). The evilinians will act like cpu multiwinians, but are far stronger as multiwinians. They have the ability to take over spawnpoints and use them to create an army (just like the multiwinians). In king of the hill and domination they will also appear on the scoreboard as soon as they get points (in koth) and spawnpoints (in dom) and are even able to win the match. They are even able to open up crates and use powerups.

this is without a doubt the multiwinians biggest fear. First a giant spaceship (really really giant) that will beam up any multiwinians around the map. You are unable to destroy the spaceship and once it's done beaming multiwinians up it will drop futurewinians on the map. These futurewinians will be white glowing and just like the evilians, have the ability to open crates take over spawnpoints and even compete at winning the match in koth and dom. The biggest problem with these futurewinians is, that they have a nonstop subversion powerup, so battling them will often end up in getting an even bigger opponent.

Select a group of your multiwinians that then will get the subversion upgrade for a limited time. With this upgrade your multwinians get special weapons that will instead of killing your opponent, make them turn into your own forces.

select an area where eggs will be spawned. Different kinds of creatures will hatch from the eggs that will attack nearby multiwinians. The creatures can be destroyed. Chance on friendly creatures towards your multiwinians.

ant nest:
select an area where 2 ant nests will appear. Ants will come out and attack whatever multiwinian is near them. Ant nests and ants can be destroyed.

select an area where a number of planes? will come that will drop a few bombs. Planes can be shot down by turrets. The attack is very usefull to destroy a spawnpoint.

machinegun turret/flame turret/rocket turret:
places a turret on a selected spot on the map. Multiwinians will control the turret. If the turret belongs to you, you can also manually fire it. Beware the multiwinians that control the turret can be destroyed and the turret can then be taken over by any other multiwinians or evilinians. Turrets can also be destroyed entirely.

places a engineer on a base that will collect souls from dead multiwinians (little dots that float around when a multiwinian is killed). Once it has collected a few souls it will return to the base and will recycle the souls for extra multiwinians. Holds up to 25 souls till recycling.

Does the same as the engineer, collects 100 souls before recycling

place on an area with lots of multiwinians. These multiwinians will then evenly transform into colours of each of the teams that entered the game

Dark forest:
creates a forest that will slowly expand after time. The forest will take away the souls from multiwinians that are in it, thus killing the multiwinians. only way to destroy the forest is to burn it down

Magical forest:
Just like the dark forest it will slowly expand and can be burned down. Tree's will drop down souls that can be collected (with some of the crate powerups) to create new multiwinians.

creates a group of around 100 friendly multiwinians at the spot from the crate.

Speed up/speed down:
speeds up/down the game for a certain ammount of time. Everything will be affected by it. Once time is over the game returns to it's normal speed.

gives your multiwinians a rocketlauncher for the rest of the game. An extremely good upgrade throughout the rest of the game. Will be used randomly by multiwinians (unsure if correct)

Plague outbreak:
all multiwinians around the crate will get infected with a virus and get a green glow over them. The virus is able to spread to nearby multiwinians. Multiwinians that have obtained the virus while have a limited time left till they die and might react wierd to orders.

select a group of your multiwinians and they will temporarily get a huge increase of firing rate on their default laser guns.

Mega rage:
Every multiwinian in the game will get a huge increase of fire rate for a limited ammount of time displayed on the screen.

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Nice thread, pretty useful for new players.
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Thanks for posting this list. I am just starting to get into Multiwinia.

I think you can add so more to the list?

I noticed one called "Hot Feet" makes your Multiwinians run faster for a set time period.
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Yep there are a couple more

As well as Hot Feet, there is Spawn Mania (all spawn points spawn faster), Personal Shield (you get to deploy it on some of your little dudes), Triffids (spawn at the crate location).

Also, there are two versions of Ants Nests and Dark Forest. One will let you choose where you want to deploy it, the other will just deploy a Dark Forest/Ants Nest at the location the crate opens.

Rocketwinians - I _think_ that all your multiwinians shoot rockets instead of grenades from then on.

There's a list here, and instructions to make a custom version of the map which will let you remove certain crates from the game
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