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For playing single player?

For single player mode, how long is the game?
Is there a story mode, characters?
Is there leveling up, similar to Fire Emblem?
Is they game easier or hard?
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The game is about 3-10 hours long in single player depending on how fast you pick up the game and how swiftly you progress through the campaign (or how long you spend in the Free Play maps)

There is a short dialogue story with the campaign but apart from having units introduced one at a time in early campaign missions there is no 'progression'

no there is no leveling up

The game vs AI is pretty easy as they don't think particularly far ahead, some of the later campaign missions are a little harder when the computer starts with an advantage.

The game vs players is obviously as difficult as your opponent :P
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Headup Games
Headup Games
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And we do keep our fingers crossed that some smart modder will actually create an outstanding close-to-being-human AI :-)

And some unique balancing mods - which is very easy as its all in XML, I scripted an instaGib mode within 2 minutes actually.
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Yeah that AI isn't the smartest, sometimes i'm ting myself at the enemies superior forces, but then their launchers and tanks get scared off by me moving a scout towards them.
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