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Question: how many of you people getting lag are running with the director on?

I've just done a director test run, and this is the first time the elevator has lagged for me.

I completed it with lag due to the flamethrower and then got out the other side, lag instantly stopped, and I got swamped by about 100+ swarm, as the director was spawning them at the top AND the bottom, causing the insane FPS drop because they couldn't figure out how to get onto the elevator.
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but.. there IS slowmo.... maybe some of you have slowmo AND FPS drop, but the game feels slow but smooth for me.
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Originally Posted by JonkeSG View Post
Well, after completing it, it shows the map. Keep watching and an arrow will appear at the elevator and yellow text will say 'Was laggy'
So my best guess is Yes.
Oh god, what am I reading.

Also, yes it is the slow motion.
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The elevator is slow but i didnt have any problem of lag on it.
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Originally Posted by Salameh View Post
No, 350 actually.

B!0HaZard, although our opinions may differ I respect that you actually reinforce your points with actual proof, and you obviously understand what you're talking about - compared with some of the, uh, less intelligent posters here.

-Although, to be fair, NoodleGTS didn't exactly choose the most CPU stressful games available to test.

'i7 860 @ 2.8gHz

i5-750 @ 4GHz
GTX 480

I win.

LOL, your pretty cool kid. Only someone with low self-esteem would actually make a video showcasing their video game setup.. you must be pretty fly with the ladies eh?
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Originally Posted by Esthin View Post

It lasts for the ENTIRE DURATION OF THE ELEVATOR except for the final second or so.
no it doesn't it only lasts until the first crawling alien on the ceiling reaches you unless you killed it, then you have to kinda guess when it got there
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Old 07-23-2010, 05:55 PM   #142
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I get a metric butt load of lag, too.
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I believe the slow-mo at the beginning is intended, however I do get around 10 FPS on the rest of the elevator. Though it doesn't feel "slow-mo" but rather "skippy".
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its very odd, before the patch i was getting good fps on the elevator but i was not HOSTING. However, after the patch i started hosting and noticed the elevator section drop my fps to 10~ from 70fps. Ridiculously choppy.

PhII 940be 3.4ghz, 6gig ram, 4870 ati.
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Old 07-23-2010, 08:23 PM   #145
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My crappy laptop can run AS with 10 fps until the slow-mo, then I get 25 fps from the slowmo that looks more like 3, then after the slowmo stops I get around 3, which cl_showfps 1 reflects.
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Again, in some cases, the drop occurs just BEFORE the slow-motion effect is supposed to kick in, I know what slow-motion looks like, and I know what an FPS drop looks like (especially at FPS levels where the Source engine stutters), But most of us can ALSO tell when both are going on, we are not mistakenly identifying either one, it is a combination. Try limiting your FPS to 5-6 before going on the elevator, and then when the slow-motion kicks in, you are actually going just about half as slow as slow-motion speed without low FPS, and it is not a good combo either, now every where else where slow-motion occurs, no drop, but elevator drops the FPS just before (like by a second) slow-motion kicks in for most people (And notice I said "JUST BEFORE" twice.

Why people are assuming we are mistakening the slow-motion effect for FPS drop surprises, given that both occur at the same time, with the drop coming before slow-motion.....

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The elevator does have a drop in framerate. You can tell when the slow-mo stops because the image on the left side goes away. Although, every time we hit slow-mo I have half a second of "OMG LAG" before I realize what's happening.

btw, you peeps are posting faster than I can read so sorry if it has already been said.
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From my experiences, it seems like the elevator scene is just poorly optimized.

When designing a game or more specifically a level, designers need to ensure that the minimum framerate doesn't fall too far below the average framerate.

Otherwise you end up with situations where your hardware needs to crush the game overall just to ensure that the most graphically complex scenes are playable.

I seriously doubt the devs can't reduce the computational complexity of the elevator section while maintaining the same overall look, but they either don't know it needs to be done, don't care about doing it, or are working on a solution that hasn't come out yet.

Thankfully, much like RTS games, top-down shooters are playable at much lower minimum framerates than first-person shooters are. I bottom out at about 20 FPS during the elevator; this would be practically unplayable first-person but it's not too bad for this game.
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