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Post RZ Developer Update – NEW 11-11-2010

RZ Community:

Thank you for participating in the launch of Rhythm Zone! Your support, feedback, questions, trouble shooting and suggestions have been invaluable this past week as we strive to create a fun, engaging and player-oriented community of Rhythm Zone players. We thought we'd answer a few questions for you all and provide some insights into our near-term feature release plan and also provide a small gift as a token of our appreciation of your early support.

• User Stats:

o Total songs analyzed: 37,230
o Total games played: 47,454
o Average # of songs analyzed/user: 14.66
o Average # of songs played/user: 18.71
o Highest Total Songs Added to Library (User): 1,468 (mflgrmp)
o Total Artists Added (User): 325 (madmacNYC)
o Highest Streak Count (User): 2,217 (lylat)
o Total Points Earned (User): 411,038,749 (Eimiwef)
o Songs Completed 451 (tanemomi)
o Coming up: we'll be adding a page onto our game site that will allow users to come in and check out some more stats from the community.

• Upcoming Feature List: We've received a number of great suggestions from you and we wanted to give you an update in that regard. In our next update, estimated at 2 weeks, we will address a number of your requests, including:

o unicode support
o more granular song stats
o UI improvements for accessing leaderboard information off song page
o upgraded results screen with leaderboard and high score information
o new visualizers!
o Later this week, we'll post a link to a survey you can take to request/rank proposed features. We want to hear from you regarding your thoughts about evolving RZ!

• "Coming Soon" Button: A number of you have asked us about the "Coming Soon" button and have speculated about its intent. As some of you have guessed, the "Coming Soon" button is indeed for a form of multiplayer. We will have more information for you regarding this cool multiplayer feature coming up, but we're happy to see you all seemed to be as excited about it as we are!

• Cheaters: We recognize the fact that there are cheaters out there. More importantly, we realize that the vast majority of gamers out there want to play the game fairly. We are working right now on stopping users that exploit the game and tamper with the scores via an analysis tool we're currently building. We're going to analyze each song and calculate the max score you can achieve assuming perfect performance (e.g. all hits with perfect timing, no missed notes, perfect sustains, max use of focus power). We can then use this tool to evaluate song performances posted to leaderboards as a means to detect cheating or other anomalies. Those performances/scores can be detected, analyzed and removed from the boards; we have done so with one user already. We are working on a very near-term fix that will prevent those that download the game illegally from accessing achievements and leaderboards.

UPDATE: It is possible to score over 1,500,000 points on Medium. Here is a video we made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5CTXmsxeQ4

• Support/Bugs/Issues: Again, thanks to all of those who have sent us tickets and who have been helpful in the forums in volunteering their helpful tips and suggestions. To put some numbers around it, 3% of the audience has recorded or documented an issue with the game thus far. We have responded to virtually all inbound inquiries and, since the second day of launch, have averaged a 1 day turnaround. We've made 2 fix/patch updates in the first week and those updates seem to have helped the majority of those who have opened tickets. Of the 3% who have documented an issue with us, we have provided a solution for 85% of those documented help cases and are currently waiting on the log reports to come back from a number of you to see if the solution addressed your issue(s). So, please check your email for a message from us if you have submitted a ticket; you may have a solution waiting for you or we may have asked you to provide us with an output log or other information.

• Audio quality playback: As some users have noted, audio playback in game can vary based on a variety of factors; some user controlled, some controlled by the game. We've identified a better playback engine that we are currently researching as a replacement to the current audio engine and, if this engine proves as promising as we hope, we will drop it in as an upgrade.

• Guest Passes: A number of you have written in to request some guest passes for the game. What a great idea! As of now, guest passes are now live for all of you who have purchased and will purchase the game for a limited time going forward. This is a token of our appreciation for those of you who have been early supporters of our game and who have expressed an interest in sharing it with your friends. From the Steam client: Go to Games -> Manage Gifts and Guest Passes.

UPDATE: Guest passes are confirmed live and are working properly.

So, thanks again for all your support of RZ during its first week.

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