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Originally Posted by churche0 View Post
int CAlienSwarm::TotalInfestDamage()
if (IsHardcoreMode())
return 500;

switch ( m_iSkillLevel )
case 1:
return 175;
case 2:
return 225;
case 3:
return 270;
case 4:
return 280; // BARELY survivable with Bastille and heal beacon

// Med satchel heals 4 health every 0.33 seconds, which is 12 hps/sec (same as ASv1)
// Med satchel heals 25 hps at skill 0, 65 hps at skill 5.
// Med satchel has 4 to 9 charges.
// Giving a total hps healed for 1 satchel = 100 to 675
// Medkit heals 50 hps for normal marines and 50 to 80 for medics)
// In ASv1 satchel healed 25 to 85. Charges were: 6, 7 (at 3 star) or 8 (at 4 star+)
// Giving a total hps healed for 1 satchel = 150 to 680
Aaaaaand, what's your point?
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How about we replace face huggers with foot huggers. You can't walk but it doesn't zap your health.
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Originally Posted by Razumen View Post
Aaaaaand, what's your point?
that in hardcore difficulty parasites r meant to kill you, and cant be healed, sounds fun :P
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1 weapons is capable of killing any parasite with a burst:
The Flamer

My Loadout on level that have parasites
-Any weapon of choice
-Electric armor
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Seriously though - parasites are the only real challenge in the game!

It has been said before - they are NOT impossible to avoid or remove.

If they are not to your liking then I am sure there are plenty of nicklodeon flash games that dont feature them.

The game is losely based on the alien movies and if you have seen them then you would know that the scenes featuring them are the most tense ones and they where impossible to remove without killing the infested person.

Sure I found them tricky at first (im now level 20/2) and haven't been infested in a long time due to the fact that I know where they are! Sometimes i play medic and have many times healed them off people that where more careless.

It seams to be a difficulty level thing, On easy or normal then they really should not be a problem, there are a lot less of them and they are easier to kill and easier to remove. On hard in insane there becomes progressivly more but they still spawn in the same spots!

I have been on plenty of missions with no medics and we have all survived due to killing rather than being killed.

Pro tip - if your on a server with bad teamwork (bad players) find another
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Medkit, Rolling. There's your alternate ways.


Right, so vs parasites we have these ways to deal with them:
  • Shoot them before they even get to you, move back if needed, (easy enough, with any weapon, not just the flamer)
  • Dodge / roll as they jump. (they take a sec or two after they land to re-orient themselves, easy to shoot)
  • Tesla / Flamer / whatever that stuns them.
  • Freeze Nades, Adrenaline, whatever support item.
  • Turn up Gamma in the options so easier to see.

And thats just before they even get to you, now if they do:
  • Medkit
  • Heal Beacons
  • Heal Gun
  • Electricrified Armor

There are MORE than enough ways to deal with parasites, on or off you. If they DO get on you, you're MEANT to have trouble. Hell tbh some real challenge would be that if there was NO way to remove them if they did, but since there are still ways then its all good, ya just haveto be quick and alert.

The point is to NOT let them get on you, and you can do that easily right from L1 if ya play well, and if one does get on ya then tough e, ya did something wrong and must now deal with the consequences, during which death can STILL be avoided, and you're wimping about that????

Seriously guys they're not that much of a problem, even new players don't haveto encounter parasites straight away, and when they do and if it does go bad, they LEARN what happens and how to deal with them. If there were more stupidly easy ways of doing that, and especially when they're already on you (after a MISTAKE / bad play) then they wouldn't be any challenge anymore nor any reason for people to really learn what to do and be alert.

Parasites are meant to be deadly, they're meant to be scary, they're meant to be a challenge. They're a damn alien that humps your face and makes you explode! They're meant to be feared, which should be exactly the reason that ya learn to play well and deal with them using the multiple ways listed above.
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What about flamethrower? You could just burn your teammate to remove the facehugger. That would damage them but get rid of it.
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Two ideas are good, enough. We don't need hundreds of ways to kill them just because some people can't avoid them.
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We already have enough damn ways, for both before and after being latched on!

Seems people just want to make it 99% survival chance, without actually having to watch out and play at least slightly decently for all to be fine.
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This thread was created nearly three weeks ago. People still haven't learned where parasites spawn?
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I guess the parasites are a bit like the witches in l4d, both being certain death if you're not careful. The main difference is that the witches can be spotted more easily. if they'd have some sort of glowing eyes or something, it might feel more fair.
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