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you don't miss anything with the re5 dlc believe me.

I have bought one of the 2 on my xbox.

it doesn't justify a 20 dollar/euro more expensive game and you have to pay 400 ms points for the dlc for re5.

and dead rising 1 didn't even have payed dlc.

so now you get dead rising almost 20 euro cheaper and you have free online ( would you rather have payed online like the xbox 2 ? )
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Dead Rising 2 is priced at £29.99 here in the UK on Steam (slightly cheaper if you go retail) which is the exact same price as Resident Evil 5 was at release on steam (and again cheaper retail). So i expect a good port as RE5.

Yes there was no (paid for) DLC for RE5 on PC but we did get an extra mode and the game didn't get any patches simply because it didn't need any. I think people expect constant patching and bug fixes with everygame so that when one comes along that doesn't get any it's always assumed it's because the devs have dropped support.

Also worth noting is that Lost Planet on PC was under £20 at release, retail yes, but then the game HAS to be linked to a steam account so it matters not anyway.

So no, i don't expect Dead Rising 2 to be a half arsed port from Capcom. I think they learned their lesson well and truly with the travesty that was PC Resident Evil 4. They got alot of stick for that (and rightly so) and since they have released some of the best ports around.
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So it's $39.99 so what is PC missing from the console version?

It's missing the 20 extra bucks you'd have to pay had you gotten it for consoles.


In all seriousness, Capcom typically prices their PC games lower than most publishers (probably beacuse most of their games are ports from their console versions). I don't think they've ever had a game on Steam that was $50, save for Resident Evil 5. Even Street Fighter IV started out at $39.99 until the price dropped. DR2 is just following that trend.
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It's quite simple. To release a game for console, you need to pay licenses and royalties not only for the development tools, but also to be allowed to release the game to whichever company made the console. Naturally this is going to raise the price. Console games have always been more expensive because of this.
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