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Any impressions?

I'm somewhat interested in the game, but I first want to hear impressions of it? Is it as good as say the Football Manager titles?
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Sorry to say but I didn't like it. For me it just didn't compare to Sports Interactive's titles. That being said I really did play it only for some 20 minutes so I'm not exactly an expert. Sluggish menus and bad player profiles just made a negative impression and when the game crashed I just couldn't bother to restart it.
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I haven't played this iteration of the game, but I played the 06 version for a while so I'll share some thoughts.

It's not up to the high standards of Football manager. But for what it is, its a fun game. The match engine is good. And once you work out how to navigate all the menus, its not so bad trying to find what you're looking for.

Your enjoyment of the game will depend on whether you want a relalistic NBA manager game or not. The game (unless its changed now, although last I heard this was a feature being worked on for 2011) Doesn't do trades, you buy and sell players, as you would in Europe and the rest of the world. There is an NBA draft though. You can create players and leagues too. If you are into NCAA basketball, I'm afraid (as of the last time I checked) the game can't really handle the NCAA schedule/Recruiting. But this may have changed now.

I recommend checking out the official site, and asking any queries you have on its forums. Also there is a demo you can check out too, which is what I'm going to do soon.

Hope this helps.
Edit: The player names are all fake names, but you can download a name patch from the official website.

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Thumbs down

How dare they ask any money for this??

This game is just ridicoulus, it's so unprofessional that they shouldn't ask for any money in exchange. If it were a freeware game, I would say it's alright, but it's not.

The match engine is so primitive that a 12-year-old could make a better one using a paper, a pen and a dice. The players just pass the ball to eachother until one of them decides to make a shot. The outcome depends on 2 or 3 values. Sometimes, a random turnover-event occurs (steal, out of bounds etc.). And that's all. You have minimal influence on how your team play, you can only tell each players how they should try to score (jump shot, drive, inside shot) and select some of them for leading roles.

Stats are highy unrealistic, there are only a few assists in every game (so don't expect point guards to make plays or something), there are almost just as many offensive rebounds than defensive etc. But the most ridicoulus thing is that I usually get incredibly one-sided results like 90-50, 85-45. The match engine used for simulation is completely different than the one you play games yourself with.

Maybe they should have focused on the key parts of this game instead of the basketball leagues of Sri Lanka and Haiti.

There are a lot of bugs too, sometimes I cannot open some pages in game.

You cannot really play in the NBA but it's not a problem for me.

Only those who are very desperate to play a basketball manager game should buy it.
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