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Crymson Wildcat
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Red face Is Buying E2160 Game Worth It?

One word:


If you're a fan of the old Earth 21XX games then stick to them but don't even bother lifting a finger to play 2160 because it is a pile of crap. This is coming from someone who brought every 2160 game the moment it came out. 2160 gave me doubts, but when I brought it I was right the game is .

On to what's crap.

Population Cap
Gone are the days of building a -storm of tanks and sending them to royally screw people up. NO more massive battles between factions, not any more because the almighty Pop Cap is here! And since when have population caps been fun in games? NEVER, except in some games where building 1000 Mammoth MkII's would be rather fun but stupid considering their strength. C&C fans should know what I'm talking about.

3 Freaking Resources!!
ONE resource, that worked pretty damn well, very damn well actually I loved it! Now we have 3! Crystals, Metal and Water, suffice to say this ed things up. LC uses Crystals and Water, ED Uses Water and Metal and the UCS use Metal and Crystals. It's stupid and weak. We don't need 3 damn resources! 1 worked brilliantly. Look at the C&C universe! ORE or Tiberium! One freaking resource in every single one of their games. And it worked freaking perfectly. KKnD (Krush Kill, n Destroy) ONE Resource: OIL! Homeworld Universe: RU's from Asteroids! Do you get it now?

Resource Challenge!
Do you remember in E2150 when your little stash of RU's in your base ran out and you had to send out your fragile Mining Bases, Harvesters and Resource Carriers out into the wastes to look for more. YOU DON'T DO THAT ANY MORE! You just send out your freaking heavily armoured, flying miners and just let them at it. At least the UCS is still classic, only Harvesters are now called Termites, they still fly like the Mark IV Harvesters from the older games which I accept! But you removed a freaking challenging aspect out of the game! Protecting your resource vehicles. They're not tanks!

Oh god I adored tunnels, the most epic aspect. Tunnelling under your enemy then popping up behind his lines only to pour out a -storm of tanks. Pure genius. Guess what? YOU CAN'T DO THAT ANY MORE! Tunnels have been completely removed from the damn game! Why the hell would you remove a purely great aspect of the game??

Tunnels and now the damn oceans, and building boats to patrol your seas! I loved that aspect, the reason I freaking adore 2150 is because it's the most perfectly constructed game. You Fight on Land, Sea, Air and Underground! So many ways of attacking someone! It was sheer win. Now the only places you can fight are on Land and in Air. BORING!

Argh! LASERS!! NO Shields!! DOOOOM!!
Remember those freaking brilliant ED Lasers? Where if a certain enemy had no shields it was quite simply, and literally TOAST. THEY DON'T DO THAT ANY MORE! Lasers just cause boring standard damage! I loved toasting as many enemy vehicles as I could at the start of skirmish games before they got cursed Power Shields. But they completely removed a very clever aspect from the game. No Shields? Stay the hell away from ED! Not any more, Thanks wankers.

Faction Strengths and Weaknesses
Each side is freaking different, that's for sure! ED have strong tanks and powerful cannons. UCS have powerful plasma cannons and artillery. And the LC have powerful shields and Electro-bastard-cannons. NOT ANY MORE! And what the hell happened to rocket launchers and heavy missile launchers!? Now every faction has, more or less, the same damn equipment! I loved ED because playing them they have weak Power Shields so it makes it challenging when attacking USC and LC units with their powerful energy weapons. And why the hell did they put in 3 different armour types!? You don't need 3 different armour types! Only Two, Power Shield to protect against energy weapons and HP for taking Kinetic damage! That worked perfectly in previous games!

Oh God, I'm Hit!
I HATE INFANTRY!! Loathe Infantry! Why? Because they're not armour plated! Screw Infantry and get tanks!! Why did they put infantry in the game? OH GOD WHY!?

That's a Nice Shiny Base You Have! *BOOM!* Whoops, finger slipped.
SUPER-WEAPONS! Good sometimes but bad others and in 2160 you have NO FREAKING OPTION TO TURN THEM OFF! Oh, NEVER EVER EVER play with the Aliens Faction, they will be on you with their ing super-weapons within 10 minutes and ED and LC missiles are USELESS against them. USELESS!

Easy, um, no wait, lets make the first difficulty -Storm Difficult!!!!
I'm serious. It's a nice casual game playing against some easy enemies on E2150, I love a little bit of a casual game just to cheer me up. NO such thing on E2160. Within 5 minutes you're being bombed, nuked, blasted and shot to pieces by everything. NICE GOING ON MAKING IT SO PLAYERS CAN ALLY WITH COMPUTERS! NOT. What the hell were you smoking when you programmed Easy?

Meh, well I'm done. My fingers are tired and I want tea.
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It's looks corny and colorful compared to the original Earth 2150.
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I wish I had read this a week ago. What a disappointment in the otherwise great series!
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Exclamation it's ONLY 5$

stop making nosies
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It wasn't $5 when I got conned into buying it hoping it was anywhere near as good as 2150.

I could wipe my butt with $5 but I won't because I prefer to use my money on things I'll enjoy.
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