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2w2 Game Delayed to January 2011

in usa

Two Worlds II's road to release has already been long and winding, but fans of Reality Pump's action role-playing series will have to tolerate one more delay. Having previously confirmed Two Worlds II for an October release, SouthPeak announced today that the sequel to the 2007 original will now arrive in North America in January. SouthPeak indicated that the game's release in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand is still scheduled for this year.

SouthPeak is doing its part in keeping these guys off the streets.
"We understand that this is not great news for those of you eager for an October release and we can understand that you might feel that our European cousins' potentially getting the game before you is frustrating to say the least," the publisher said. "However, there's a reason for everything and although we feel that the game is truly at 'AAA' level…we want Two Worlds II to be absolutely flawless when it launches in the North American market."

First announced as an expansion pack in 2007, Two Worlds II was initially scheduled for an early 2008 release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. However, the fantasy role-playing game then picked up full sequel status, as well as multiple delays.

Reality Pump has made use of the extended development time to make substantial updates to its fantasy RPG universe. Most notably, the developer has built an entirely new game engine designed to enhance atmospheric gameplay and visual fidelity. The new engine includes support for motion-capture animation and dynamic lighting.

As for the game itself, Two Worlds II picks back up with the original's hero, after having languished in prison for a number of years. Gamers find themselves first confronting the nefarious Gandahar (the villain from the original), before setting out on a new quest to save the world.

Two Worlds II also includes a new multiplayer component, where gamers can team up to undertake 12 cooperative, story-driven quests. The game also includes a cooperative city-builder mode, in which players can create thriving towns that produce high-quality items.

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Glad to be from EU
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