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Greetings, "IceMave". You seem angry today. I'll try and put forward a counterargument to your somewhat misdirected rage.

Originally Posted by IceMave View Post
PC gamers are so up their own rear ends, it's hard to believe they can breathe anymore. Thinking they "deserve" things and then pirating the game if it doesn't fill their brickwall requirements. It's sickening to me.
PC gamers aren't in the mindset of "we deserve this, we deserve that" as you seemingly think. CAPCOM is a business, and we are their customers. Companies change and adapt all the time to cater to a large number of gamers in both PC and console worlds.

Your misguided anger is hard to place in your post; you're talking on a Steam forum where everyone has mixed opinions about the game. Some have already bought it (like myself), some are prospective buyers, some are simply browsing because they can.

Originally Posted by IceMave View Post
You guys are complaining and whining about Dead Rising 2, but I'm just glad they even BOTHERED with a PC port. (I would have gotten it for the 360 if the PC version wasn't so cheap.) That's another thing. CAPCOM GAVE YOU A DAMN DISCOUNT. You could have paid $59.99 for it if Capcom really wanted to charge that much. Yet I know the sad reality that if they sold the game for $19.99, you losers would just pirate it regardless.
You're making accusations based off...well, I can't quite understand. Again, it's a flurry of anger without any real spine. Are you angry that CAPCOM is offering a discount to PC gamers and not to console gamers?

Why wouldn't CAPCOM bother with a port when it's another source of income from a wider market?

Originally Posted by IceMave View Post
Capcom could have continued to leave PC gamers in the dark after you backstabbed them for even trying to do good PC ports.
I'm assuming you enjoy making your thread readers feel like criminals.

Originally Posted by IceMave View Post
RE5, SF4 and DMC4 were some of the best PC ports by Capcom in a long time. RE5 especially, it was very well optimized that a good friend I have with a crappy computer I know still ran it well enough that the game still looked great, it also let you set your PC controls to anything you'd want.
Granted, RE5 and DMC4 were both great additions to my PC games collection. They were pretty well done and I thoroughly enjoyed them (and continue to enjoy them).

Originally Posted by IceMave View Post
Overall it was a very great port. Yet these games obviously didn't sell well enough to offer incentive to Capcom to bother with PC games anymore or put in the time or money to make sure the PC ports are well put together. It's not Capcoms fault that there is no audience on the PC that buys games that aren't either FPSes or RTSes.
MMO's...simulators...third person games...top-down shooters...anything, really. You really don't seem to know what you're talking about. I also feel as if I've already answered the first sentence in that particular block of quoted text.

Originally Posted by IceMave View Post
Like some of your complaints are just stupid. Like text chat. Text chat in Dead Rising 2? Why? You have Steam chat!
I'd personally enjoy text chat as I don't always have a microphone plugged into my desktop computer as I use Skype on my laptop. Text chatting with random strangers that ask to join my game would be a plus; and offer me more incentive to accept random join invites.

Originally Posted by IceMave View Post
If you don't have DR2 on Steam, you can get Xfire and chat that way! You can also use Steam voice chat or MSN voice chat or any other piece of software that lets you use voice chat like Ventrilo. Quit complaining about useless stuff that would have added nothing that you can't already do yourself.
Customers shouldn't be forced to rely on a separate piece of software in order to fulfill a certain role that could've been placed inside the game anyway. Something as simple as text chat is expected on -any- multiplayer PC game purely due to the fact that PC gamers use keyboards.

Originally Posted by IceMave View Post
Not having quick saves? Why do you need quick saves or autosaves or anything like that? Oh wait, you're bad at the game and need to abuse the save system. You're the same people that need an emulator and save states to beat Mega Man 2. Absolutely pathetic. Maybe stick with Civilization 5 if you don't have reflexes?
More misguided hate towards a function that could've been implemented easily on both platforms. I'm running out of steam replying to this thread.

Originally Posted by IceMave View Post
In conclusion, go ahead PC gamers, keep biting the hands that feed you. As you're going to eventually run out of games to complain about or steal.
I was half expecting a "PC gaming is dead" comment. I am disappointed. You're missing the fact that piracy is commonplace -everywhere-. Not just central around one platform. I wish you weren't so shortsighted that you could do a little research before you go on some sort of hatefest towards a community that really doesn't deserve it.

We're not automatically criminals because we're PC gamers, bro.
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Mave, considering you paint all PC gamers with a broad brush...

All people who whine about PC gamers are arrogant, self esteem lacking idiots who can't handle a bit of criticism or competition and are lapdogs who want to worship their companies for throwing them a bone.

See? I can do it too.
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Well, since my wireless xbox controller doesn't even work I think 40 dollars is more than fair. GFWL certification and they didn't even bother testing the game before sending it out???
I'll give them a month, which is more than fair. If they fail to patch it I will never buy another Capcom game again.
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Originally Posted by IceMave View Post
Massive Effin' Post
PC gamer here, no complaints so far. Game works flawlessly. Awesome drop-in-drop-out co-op, my friend and I haven't had this much fun in ages.

I'm filled with confusion as to why you have to put down the entire PC community based on the steam user forum.

If it's so annoying to you, stay out of the forums.
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Text chat on coop is completely valid, it's annoying having to pause the game every time you have to joke about something or make a small commentary, but it's nothing game-breaking.

Right now, the great problem with this game is having GFWL, it's DIRT 2 all over again with a ty unstable system and losing keys because of Microsoft's greed, off course there are other issues like no advanced graphic settings or key mapping, but i had no problem with that.

Well... troll OP, move along.

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I love how his kid hasn't replied at all in like 3-4 pages, nice work showing him the door guys
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Originally Posted by djJIMMY View Post
I love how his kid hasn't replied at all in like 3-4 pages, nice work showing him the door guys
LOL! Great stuff.
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