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DC Universe Online - Need BETA details

Ok, so we all know its delayed now - but the details on the beta are pretty vague. I know that around Oct. 11 people who are registered can get beta access on priority basis (needed when needed?) But then in November, everyone who pre-ordered can play beta - but how long? Does this beta last until March? It doesn't say if its limited or what, just says beta with beta privileges and events leading up to release ("Battle of the Legends" will rage for several days threatening the entire universe. You will have the chance to be part of it and experience a once in a lifetime battle fighting alongside or against the legendary DC Universe icons. The in-game "Battle of the Legends" is based on the battle staged in the DCUO cinematic featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, The Joker and other famous DC superheroes and villains)
... im just wondering that when beta starts fully in November how long you get to play because it still sounds worth pre-ordering if i can still play it - but you know, its beta so with all the beta glory (servers offline and chars deleted numerous times)


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Bought this from Steam already, so I hope I get into the beta. Still kinda confused, will SOE send me an email or what? Its all good, though, no rush.
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DCUO source has the info you are looking for.

Pre-order folks are to submit some photo of the receipts for pre order to somewhere ...to get into the nov30th beta

Currently there is a CB running VIP and Sony Fanfaire beta key holders are in now.

OTherwise the only source of constant info is the source and DCUO facebook site.
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