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Lord Mordeth
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So i start building my city and all's well, then at some point, regardless of what i do, no more graduates 'spawn', thus my beautiful city is pretty much doomed when my priests/etc start dying off.

Now, i know no one ever reads or visits this forum, but incase someone does.. how the frack can i get more graduates, thus priests, scribes, overseers and whathaveyou in the long run?
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I'll go ahead and assume that you've got a school built. All you need to do is get a priest. However I usually assign a priest just for the school. The reason why nobody is going to school could be a few reasons.

1) Not enough priests, they do a lot and if you've got a bunch of temples, healing areas, etc then there's little to no time for your priest to educate the future elite.

2) If you have a priest that's solely there just to teach then it could be that he's too busy running around getting his own necessities for his place, remember priests can't marry so they have to do *everything* on their own, so watch your priest, if he's wasting too much time walking to get his things then you probably put the priest quarters in a bad spot.

Finally it takes time for the young ones to graduate, and if you're priest is too busy with other things then yea, it would take a very very long time to produce a graduate.

Hope this helps.
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Schools, priests, and more than one. Have at least one priest doing schools only.
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