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Left 4 Dead DNF system

Hi guys,

at the first I have to show you (Valve and TurtleRock studio) some credit because L4D franchise is just groundbreaking concept. Even if I left from playing L4D for a while I finally got back to play this awesome game because it is just great and unique.

Even if I am not playing it on competitive (clan) basis anymore I am still playing it with friends or just on public basis. But public gaming is the biggest pain in the and this topic is about some improvements this game really deserve.

This game suffers more than others of ragequiting. If you play f.e. TF2 or Battlefield or whatever, it doesn't matter so much if one or two quits during the battle, but L4D is tight and sensitive to any damage which one team could get, and what more it is really annoying moment if you are starting a new game over and over because whole opposite team quits during the second or third map. F.e. yesterday I have been playing l4d for more than 4 hours but I didn't finish even one match.

Guys, L4D game really needs something like EA has in its games (like FIFA...) for years and it is called "DNF system" (aka Did Not Finish system).
DNF system is simple algorithm: percentage of unfinished games according to total count of all games played. So chronic ragequiters will have high mark of DNF and if there will be a possibility to set the maximum allowable player's DNF option in lobby it would be heaven on earth
I can understand that this system also has a weak points because it f.e. punishes people with unstable connection but this is just a suggestion and I am sure I am not only one who lacks this possibility.

Anyway, good job guys.
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