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Impressions after ~90 minutes with the full version

I posted this earlier tonight in the Blogspot comments section for the official website, but it never showed up (manual spam screening perhaps?).

I bought the game on Steam today, it's very beautiful and pretty addictive, but repetition does set in fairly quickly.
Perhaps additional enemy types - with different aggresion and attack behaviours - and weapons could spice up the gameplay?
At the moment it does feel more like an interactive visualizer than a game. Changing to a higher difficulty level (been playing on normal most of the time) resulted in me getting my handed to me quickly (I've never exactly been amazing at shooters), but didn't do much to change or vary the gameplay aside from throwing more enemies at me.

And a comment on the anaglyph display option. I had a pair of red/cyan glasses lying around, but I was struggling to see any notable 3D depth added to the game with this feature turned on, despite playing with the various sliders to minimize ghosting while trying to get some depth. Perhaps 3D just doesn't work particularly well with this visual style?

Overall, despite my opinion on the repetitive nature of the game I certainly expect to clock in several additional hours with this game.
Since I'm not much of a high score chaser (alright, so maybe that puts me a bit outside the main target audience for a game like this), added gameplay variety and not just the promise of a spot a bit further up on the leaderboards, will probably be needed to keep my interest though.

And if I had to throw in a rather more ambitious suggestion , I would love to see an Elite/X series style game with the visuals of The Polynomial - even if "just" a light version with more simplified/streamlined gameplay mechanics.
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