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Basically every thread on this forum is don't buy this game. I think people get the idea.
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Things are looking alright after the patch. Granted it's Friday night in the eastern US as I write this, but there are some populated blue servers and the pings are alright.

Sorry to bump a negative thread, but hopefully anyone seriously interested would at glance at the last page.
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It's not alright for me, I STILL can't even get the populated servers to show up in my server browser.
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Same for me. I can only see a handful of servers and the server browser reports barely a couple of handfuls of players on-line (although I still can't actually see the servers that these players are apparently playing on). The browser patch doesn't seem to have fixed anything for me (other than the fact that I can now sort the handful of empty servers that list). Damn shame. Good night fair prince. Twas fun whilst it lasted. Abstinence does not make the heart grow fonder. It merely provides an opportunity for other distractions to supplant.

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