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Exclamation Rules and Guidelines for Giving Server Feedback

What is the purpose of this forum? This forum was created for players and server admins to come together and post their feedback on the experiences that they have had on servers.

Will you read these forums? Yes! We are always reading the forums. This forum is designed to offer a unique section where only server related feedback, issues and feature requests are discussed and reported.

Who should post here? Everyone and anyone who has played TF2. Feedback from new and veteran players is encouraged!

What are we looking for? What do we want you to post about? We want to gain feedback from the TF2 community on the overall experience of community ran TF2 servers.

What does belong in this forum?
  • Bugs and exploits that you experience as a player in the server. We also want to hear about bugs within the server application itself.
  • Features that we should add to the server and features that would help server admins operate their servers.
  • Your general experience on a server. Tell use if you really liked a certain feature or if there is something that you really disliked about a server.
  • Opinions, comments and suggestions on features that we have implmented into servers already.
What does NOT belong in this forum?
  • Issues that are not related to servers such as graphical, fps, and connection issues.
  • Feedback or issues on custom user created maps. This can be posted here.
  • Posts aimed at flaming a certain server or group.
  • Discussion on bots. All feedback on bots can be posted here.
  • Reports of server admin abuse. Server admins choose how to run their servers and this is not governed by us.

Server Feedback Forum Rules:
  • Do not advertise your server, another user's server, or server events in this forum. This is for feedback only.
  • Do not flame another user's opinion or comments. Everyone has the right to post feedback.
  • Do not create new threads in this forum if the topic belongs in a different forum.
  • Do not create a new thread for an issue that is already being discussed. Use the search feature.
  • Do not create alternate accounts to bump, spam or exploit feedback threads.
  • Do not bump feedback threads unless you are adding something new and valuable.

What are some example topics?
  • I really like it when servers are 24/7 because it lets me focus on my favorite gametype.
  • I dislike servers that play the same maps over and over because I like playing every map that TF2 has available. All maps deserve a fair amount of playtime.
  • The tournament feature is great, but I don't like that team names are limited to a certain amount of characters.
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