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Thumbs up FAQ (Work In progress)

Q: This game looks interesting, what is it about?
A:Star Ruler is a 4X/RTS hybrid on a grand scale. Features hundreds of systems, ships of any size, a unique research system, and an original soundtrack.

Q: How do I host a server?
A: First, you'll need to forward a port to your machine. Default is 12100, but it can be customized. Star Ruler makes use of UDP only. After that, you just click Host in Multiplayer, and others can connect to your game from then on.

Q: How do i host a dedicated server?
A: Take a look at this How To for instructions

Q: Will patches be applied one after the other, or there be a single patch to bring the game up to date from a clean install?
A: Every few patches a full patch will be released instead and won't require the patches before it.

Q: Where are my User Files? (Screenshots, saves, logs, etc)
A: There is a link to those files in your Star Ruler folder.

Q: For how long can you keep researching ?
A: As long as you want (It`s pretty much infinite)

Q:How do i enable the ingame console ?
A:Go to your autoexec file in /Star Ruler/user Files, open it in notepad and type in
add "bind q console" withouth the quotes. If you press q in game, the console should show up.

Q: I have now got the console working, how can i see my fps?
A: Type cl_showfps 1 in the console

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Q: Im interested in sharing ship designs, where can i do this?
March Edit: You can know also upload mods and maps.
A: You can do that Here
Mods can be uploaded here
Maps can be uploaded Here

Q: I have some ideas, that i think might improve the game, where can i suggest this ?
A: The best place would be here

Q: Does this game have a wiki ?
A: Yes it does have a wiki, aswell as an In-Game Encyclopedia

Q: How do i rename Planets ?
A: If you own the planet, select it and in the object information window, you'll see a pencil icon. Click on that to rename the planet.

Q: I want to play this game with a friend that runs the game on a different version, can we still play with each other?
A: Version breaks multiplayer compatibility with previous versions.

Q: I heard this game could be modded by simply using notepad, How do i mod this game ?
A: Please see the modding section of the official wiki for instructions

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Q: Does this game have a facebook page?
A: Yes it does, although Unofficial, it exists

Q: My english is not that good, does this game offer translations?
A: Yes it does, and more languages are being added by the community

Q: I read this FAQ and i still dont get the game, what to do ?
A: Manapool`s Video Tutorials are great for this, although abit dated, they SHOULD do the trick

Q: I like the music in this game, can i download it anywhere?
A: Yes , you can get them here and here.

Q: When does Star Ruler get it`s retail release? How much will it cost?
September 16th, the price is 19,99€, shipping is included. You can get the game over at Iceberg
The retail version ships with the newest patch, it will not be registerable on steam.

General Tips

You can hold down shift while clicking the scale buttons on a subsystem icon to increment the scale by .25 rather than jumping to the next scale.

Enter "find a e i o u" (without the quotes) in the console to get a list of all console commands.

Here is a guide for early game strategies

Suggestions for improving this unoffical FAQ are both welcome and greatly appreciated.

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