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wazups 2x
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Originally Posted by MikeHaggarKJ View Post
I disagree tons of high level gamers use accel. its a matter of taste.
that said i prefer to have it off.
Not really, most pro gamers will turn mouse accel off or just have it on a little. You can never be as accurate with it on because of how inconsistent it is.
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well ok then im not gonna argue about it since like i said i have it off :\
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I found this game only had auto-aim on when you're in vehicles. On foot, it's just normal aim+shoot. I do wish I could increase the mouse sensitivity though. It's rather low for my personal taste.
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Seriously this game is a single player. Go measure your johnson and brag about it with another game. I enjoy sitting from my couch playing this game on a xbox 360 controller.
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Noo, why would you bump this? We all left it because we got tired of arguing with that guy pointlessly, and so he went to troll other threads and finally got himself banned.
There's no need to bring this up again ><
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Because even in death he STILL manages to irritate people.
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Now, i don't want to get flamed or anything but, i thought the auto-aim was quite nice on this game. I can imagine trying to get a grapple on a distant car without it would be difficult.

For FPS auto-aim is NO. For 3rd person, its ok.
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Who complains that a game is too easy, seriously?

Smoke a bowl/ drink a few. then we'll see whats easy.
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Late edit.
Auto aim is the only way this game could have been.
Because of the mad fast pace of the fights no-auto-aim would be nonsense.
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