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Steam and exposè (Mac OS X)

Hi! Ma and my friends find very strange the idea exposé and screen zoom works in game. In all other games we've played game, if fullscreen, the game has priority over OS. So if i assign an action to my mouse button it should work even if that button is exposé on Mac OS X. Instead on steam for example my mouse 4 and 5 buttons didn't work because on OS X are assigned to exposé.
All my other games, for example World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4 can use all buttons even if assigned to other things by OS, then if i'm in window mode OS has priority: click mouse 4 and see all windows/application open. But in game fullsceen i want to use all buttons!

Sorry for my bad english. If someone want to use exposè while in game... it should be a checkable option not the default behavior like all other games.

I hope you think about it and i continue to thank you for Steam, it is a great piece of software and an impressive service
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Other opinions about the issue.... please fix it.
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Originally Posted by ikir View Post
please fix it.
Definitely. That's one of the most annoying "features" of the Source engine games on Mac. It's really not hard, Valve. Apple provides really, really simple means to do that. An intern could implement that on his lunch break. And while he's at it, he could also make the Source games turn all external monitors to black while running in fullscreen. It's one single command. Honestly.

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