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its fun, but it should have an endless mode

My only issue with this game is that it does not have a mode that keeps going until you fail(possibly having the ability to save progress). It just bites getting so into the playthrought only to have it sudden;y end.

I'd happily pay for a endless mode & additional scenario expansion.
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Try Hardcore mode - It lasts for around 40 or 60 turns (I cannot remember which). Either way, its a long long time

It means that you can complete many storylines in one game.
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true, but still endless would be nice, especially for the competitve part of the game.
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Remember shareware? It's not that popular now but for awhile shareware games were all the rage. Kinda like an extended demo, a shareware game gives you a portion of the game, limits what you can do but shows you the rest of the full version's features/content to get you to buy it.

A typical shareware game might, for example, put you in charge of a small fleet of ships, with crews that will become veterans, planets to visit, random events, ships to commandeer or destroy, items to trade and so on. Then, after a certain short amount of in-game time like, say, 14 or 40 'days' or whatever, your game would freeze with a screen that says "Please buy the full version to access the rest of the universe!"

Yeah. :\
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