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Review - Colourful thinking game

No-one has given a review yet... So here is a brief one for anyone thinking about buying Eets.

Eets is a puzzle game based on mechanics, timing and, to a degree, physics. The goal of each level is to get the main character, Eets, to a specific location. I wouldn't say it's a very creative game because there is typically only one way to finish a level, so the goal is all about figuring out how to use the objects you're given to help Eets reach the goal. There are no time limits on levels, so you can sit back and think up a solution. The gameplay is very much like The Incredible Machine series, if that helps.

Levels are short and quick to finish. The difficulty increases as new objects are introduced and you are given more ways to use them. There is a hint button if you get stuck, though, so the focus can still be on casual game play if that's what you prefer. Bear in mind that even with the hint button there is a timing element to some of the puzzles, but nothing requiring very fast reflexes.

The look and feel of Eets is basically hyper-cute. Whether this is a plus or minus is up to your tastes. One thing about the look and feel that I didn't like is the sound. If you make use of the "fast" play speed, and you probably will on the easy puzzles, the sound speeds up too so that everything sounds stupid! It's a minor oversight, though, and sound can be turned off if it gets annoying.

There's not much replay value but there are a lot of puzzles to play through. Also, they do get harder so don't be put off if you find it too easy to begin with. The earlier puzzles act as a tutorial of sorts, though not a very good one. There are some objects that are left unexplained until several levels later, giving the impression the tutorial was not play tested with an audience.

There is a puzzle editor, but since Eets is such an old game you may have trouble finding an audience for any levels you make. Still, if you want more creativity than you will find in the official game levels, edit away!

If you're remotely curious about a colourful thinking game, Eets could be a good game for you.
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