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King Mango
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Pre-Purchase Research is now Beaten Into Me

If ever there was a title to teach you the hard way, this was it... You would think I had learned after Pariah, but no...

I am so disappointed. I expected way too much. I expected it to be amazing. I'm sure it would be if only...

What I got was several problems that web searching solved, (are you kidding me, they can't put a little message about the vsync problem in the menu? ['caution: enabling vsync will cause extreme input lag'] I gotta suffer through it and then search the web to fix THAT? ffs That's a pretty serious middle finger they flipped) but the one problem that made me uninstall the game after 55 minutes played? The God awfully sluggish feeling of moving around. Is it asking too much for an FPS option? Literally a few lines of code (and some very VERY simple art) and the health bar is in the HUD. A couple thousand bucks to come up with first person models/textures/anims for the new arm/weapon view (which can probably be tweaked from the OTS model) and the game is almost certainly playable for me. There's probably a little more to it than that which someone in the know is laughing about, but I'm sure that's pretty close

Is this game a console port?

So really the whole point of this post? Not exactly sure other than to add another voice to hopefully get the Developers' attentions.
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I'm sorry for your technical problems, but you'd swear this was the only PC game to EVER have them.

As for the FPS perspective:

I'm sure that if that was the type of game they were going for, they would have made it one.
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I'm honestly kind of offended you'd compare Dead Space to that garbage known as Pariah.
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