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Survival Mode

Did anyone play the Survival Mode yet?

I try to find a strategy to get more than 1 mio points, but I have no clue how to achieve that. There are spawning tons of enemies around 500-700k points, which is very hard to survive.
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One thing that I tried is the following: Try to stick to one area of the level, which is about 1/4 of the whole level e.g. the bottom left.

Then just focus on keeping this area clear. After 300+ points there should be enough enemies attacking you so that you do not run out of time and can simply stick to the corner you chose.

I gotta say it's less fun than flying around in circles and blasting everything in your way but it's a lot easier to stay alive.

Reaching 1 mio+ was relatively easy this way.
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I can't figure out the use of the fire button in Survival Mode. It kinda throws the particles around but not firing seems more useful.
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You don't necessarily need to use the fire buttons in that mode. By pressing it, you only hold all particles back from shooting which could be useful in some situations (I personally don't use it either).
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How do you guys even survive past 500k?
I can't find a strategy. Maybe I'm just too old and slow?
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I just barely broke 500k today. It was mental by that point.

I am aiming for 1 million, it seems insurmountable, but just a few days ago I could barely get 300k, so practice practice
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Personally I keep one half field, constantly moving from one corner to other. And rushing to another corner as soon as there is too much "big guys" around me...
Or you can also moving (not too fast) from corner to corner, cleaning all the 4...

Biggest threats for me: the big "dragon" wich split into 2 small gunners, statics long range pink lazers and "big snakes"... (and sometimes the medium "grey" chasers with short range blue lazers, primarily because they are discrete in storm )

NB: and really try to keep your "stack" of points as long as you can to reach as fast as you can each 500k levels, you gain 1 life each time, and try to kill big amount of foes or make a long chain, you'll get triple bubbles (this is about killing fast, but not take all bubbles as fast as you can)

PS: When you feel stuck, cutting trough the cloud of foes is more often saving as you may think (rush but not too fast, let the time for particles to do their job)

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