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Hey there. I'm looking for a game I can get my wife into, and saw the video for this game courtesy of my Planetside mates from GOTR.

This looks neat, and would possibly be a candidate, but steam says it doesn't support multiplayer. It could be mislabeled, so I wanted to check and make sure.

The goal is to get her into gaming so that she won't feel left out when I have gaming sessions, with the ultimate goal being to get her into playing Planetside:Next if/when it comes out. Plus it would be nice to have something that I enjoy be something she can do with me.

We did have a game that we played for a while, Borderlands. She didn't mind playing that, but her attention span for the game was kinda short. I do know that when she plays the Sims, I'll be lucky if I can talk to her for a few days :P She gets into that game a bit, but it isn't multiplayer in a way that we can both enjoy.
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I don't know about this game but you may want to try Titan Quest.

I would also suggest looking at http://co-optimus.com/. You'll probably want to find games that are "Co-op Campaign."
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Depths of Peril doesn't have multiplayer. Our latest game, Din's Curse, does have co-op multiplayer though. While it's not on Steam, we do sell it directly from our site.
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