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DOW II Primarch Chaos Rising

ive played through the normal game on primarch, no problem so far, only mission ive had to do 2 times was angel gate, but if you station your units in the buildings and just sit it out (mb 20 minutes of dakka) its no real problem.

Chaos Rising is MUCH much harder for me now, i tried the first mission 3 times until i got through, now on the 2nd mission where you deploy with tarkus, thaddeus and jonah(after the fight @ beginning) im stomped again and again at the webway assembly.

skills are:
FC Melee machine + command supremacy (Thunder hammer)
Tarkus Health skilled until 1 pnt before invul/stun ability + tactical expertise + the ranged skill that improves your dmg while using tactical expertise (bolter, no plasmas aviable so far...)
Thaddeus : Melee machine, This jump/tele assaultattack that s everything in termie armor, bad thing that i cant use it yet. (+ masses of hp, think his squad has like 800 hp in normal powerarmor) (power sword)
jonah at its basics, hes so useless

my main problem is: i can control large groups of enemies when using thaddeus and his chapters fury, i surpress them and knock them back for like 30 seconds, but tarkus and my fc just do like no dmg (i skilled melee a lot with FC and my weapons are rly not that bad) and the gates + assembly spawn heavy like groups of seer councils, warlocks, wraithguards and im overwhelmed after chapters fury is over really quick

positive: i got neverending hail of devestation, avitus becomes a WTFBBQ crazing killing machine with it, everything thats knockbackable isnt even able to enter the killing field, cuz its knocked back and turned to little gibs
negative: i cant use it in this mission.

sorry for my bad english, especially the grammar i think

i hope you can see the meaning of the text and mb help me a bit

i rly rlove this game, played mb 10 campaigns with different setups of skills and equip, got every tls char to 20 and im a terrible terrible noob at mp
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