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Map Editor Problems

I was very happy when I found out that the editor mode was leaked, I scrambled to find tutorials and I found them at Team Meat's blog. So far, the map editor is fun, fast, and efficient; unlike most map editors for 3D games these days. I plan to make a fun little top 5 list of best map editors for my gaming blog, and this may be added to it!

Unfortunately, it continues to crash and have issues. For instance, I cannot load saved maps because it keeps saying the map failed to load, and I cannot create a new map as it just crashes no matter what map size I choose. What's worse is that I cannot choose a tileset for a new map as the drop down box with the available tilesets doesn't even pop up in the new map creation box!

I am not going to ask for any help with this, because I am well aware that the game already has bugs and crashes at times. But I am not sure I could wait for the official map editor and level portal; which I heard was coming out in 6 months... I thought it was coming out in January? Okay, whatever; it's a great map editor, but I just want to let you all know the issues I am having, and wonder if any of you guys are having the same problems. This is one of the few map editors that makes me feel like a real game developer, allowing me to create awesome geometrical shapes and varied level designs with ease. Map editors like Valve's Hammer editor make you feel like an idiot and require too much time and learning; Super Meat Boy's editor is amazing compared to it, in that it makes you feel truly creative and accomplished!

So, if there IS any fix for this, tell me; otherwise, I have no idea what I am going to do. I just hope that once the official editor is out, it won't have these problems.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and happy masochistic platforming! XD
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Devmode is NOT the editor. It is just a preview and Team Meat said that it does chrash all the time. It is not the real editor they are still working on it. Don't try to use it, wait for the editor. They won't update devmode and fix the bugs, only the editor they are STILL working on.
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Yeah as asamawa is saying, its not the real deal. to save/load maps you have to make a folder in the smb directory called "levels" and you need some files to load other tilesets n stuff. allso, what are you talking about? xP when i make levels it never crashes :/

check out my levels here btw ^^
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