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Talking Warrior Nation is Recruiting

Warrior Nation Gaming Network
Day of Defeat Section
Section Location: Mainly European but anyone is welcome!
Who can join: Anyone of all ages and skill levels who wants to have some fun and is mature enough.

What is Warrior Nation (WN)?

Warrior Nation is large gaming network with over 1500 members, covering nearly 50 games on not only the PC but also Xbox 360 and PS3. Warrior Nation is a long-established clan, being in existence for 11 years and is a global clan and would accept anyone from around the globe.

Take your time to check out the clan's website with it's excellent features included such as ranks, games, events, laws and so on:

What about the Day of Defeat: Source section in Warrior Nation?

The Day of Defeat: Source section is one of the oldest in the clan, having its roots back to the DoD Classics back in the day. We are mainly a casual clan but we are always open to competitive activity. The section is structured such that leadership is clear but anyone can contribute and participate equally in events, game-nights and tournaments.

We also have our own public server. Details of the server will be added shortly as there is a transfer ongoing.

What does Warrior nation expect of me?

Warrior Nation is a fairly casual clan and doesn't demand the utmost dedication, although it would be appreciated. Instead, we just ask every member his active participation in the game, in the forums and a mature character. Of course there are certain Laws and Policies one needs to be aware of and a member would be required to sign a monthly roll-call.

Above all, we expect you to be a person that likes having fun. We are sure that you would have no problems enjoying your time in Warrior Nation.

What can I, as a new member, expect from Warrior Nation?

We offer the finest in clan-gaming. With active members, an excellent website and forum, a regularly updated public server and regular, original and engaging events, we are sure that if you are ready to participate in the section, you will enjoy your time in Warrior Nation.
A member joining as a "Primary" in the Day of Defeat: Source section would be also able to participate in other sections, even though it is not required. A member can assign one more game as his "Secondary".
Given that you are an active and fun-loving member, I think you can expect the best fun out of Day of Defeat: Source that you might experience.

How can I join Warrior Nation?

First of all, you would need someone from the clan, like me, to vouch for you before you join in. If you are interested in joining, add me on steam (username: brandmon) and I will consider you for application and tell you all you need to know.

Usually, after accepting to vouch for you, this the formal process of becoming a WN member:

Phase 1: You register by agreeing to terms, filling in the required information
Phase 2: You must check your email immediately for the confirmation. YOU MUST click the confirmation link so it will validate your email. Only after doing this step will your registration application become visible to game leaders for approval.
Phase 3: A leader must approve your account. Only then will you get the final acceptance email and have complete access to the forums.

So if anyone is interested in joining, go ahead and talk to me! I will announce the server details once the server is back online.
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