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Chris Fifty-Two
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Any chance of this game getting Steamworks (such as achievements and Steamcloud)? I am considering getting it but would be more interested in it if those features were present. Would like achievements as they tend to extend game time for me on indie games...I simply end up playing them more if they have them and Steamcloud would be great as I use both my main pc and netbook for gaming.
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Yeah I agree on both points achievements are good and a quick scout into the menu suggests there are some in the game just not the steam kind. Steamcloud would also be great as I like to use my steam account to download games if I am away from my main machine.
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Old 12-24-2010, 05:02 AM   #3
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Just bought it and would love to have achievements and Steamcloud as well
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I agree. I'm thinking of purchasing the Indie Kids Pack, and achievements always sway me into purchasing when I'm on the fence. Toki Tori and Delve Deeper have achievements, and according to the forums, Magic Crystals will be getting them shortly, so that just leaves Crayon Physics and this game!
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