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Played the demo bought the game, Impressions/suggestions

First, I would like to congratulate you guys on releasing v1.1, the game has some excellent ideas and I bought it cause I think it has awesome ideas and a lot of potential. Me being me I love indie developers, they never disappoint with their on going support, so I'm doing my part of supporting you guys I hope you do your part of supporting your game,So here is a list of things I think the game is missing, yes its a BIG LIST but this is what I think that's needs to be done if you want your game to be recognized !

1-Make the game look more catchy: I don't really know but I like the art style and all but I don't think it has the factor of making people say " OOH ! this is a cool game let me try it out! ". Sorry but I think when people see the art on steam I think they will go like " nah looks like a bad game ill pass ", yes people do judge a book by its cover. I think it should be more Robocalypse like, here is what I mean :


Those are much appealing to people than this : http://img.brothersoft.com/screensho...276251028.jpeg

I think you guys got the right idea but it needs polishing, needs to be more flashy and catchy a bit of photo shop will get the job done.

2-More players at least 4 for team play.

3-Adding another kind of resource The Energy System: How does it work ? Simple, you just get energy when you kill enemy units ! Whats its used for ? Another thing the game is missing and that is..

4-Abilities: You use your energy to use abilities like healing your units or slowing your enemy team for a short period of time or hitting them from the sky with a laser beam cannon! or maybe summoning units or undead robots ?! o.o

5-Path ways: Instead of having one factory you get two, one sends robots right and one sends robots left, why ? It will give the game a more strategic feel and make it much harder to master while still being simple. It will also make it easy to have teamed games.

6-Platforms and buildings: Have platforms scattered around the map, once your units get to the platform and capture it they will give them special advantage! A platform can give your units 10% health bonus or 20% rate of fire increase or more money and the list goes on. So you want more HP? Then have control of the left side! And if you want higher fire power keep control of the right side ! Another Idea for platforms is to be able to build and upgrade your own building.

7-Passive abilities: units with the ability to power up units next to them, example is a unit that gives near by melee units the ability to life steal, with each attack the melee unit inflects on opposing robots will cause him to regenerate HP, the upgrade for this unit will be to give ranged units life drain as well or to make the amount of hp recovered higher. Another Idea for this is a unit that makes others move faster or give them higher armor etc.

8-Active Abilities : have some special kind of units that if clicked on will suicide and damage near by enemies, or a unit that if clicked on will activate his berserk ability which will cause him to lose 25% health but gain 50% damage etc.

9-Melee units: They jump to the enemy lane and delay their progress, giving u advantage to move faster.

10-Bigger bader units : Units that cost a lot of both resources, with both passive and active abilities, one passing your portal is equal to 3 passing.

11- factions/talent tree/leveling up system: This is whats the game is missing factions, with out factions the game feels boring and repetitive after a while. One that gets income by scavenging, the other gets income by timer, and the last gains income by building money makers instead of towers the buildings are capable of upgrading. Different factions should also have different robots and abilities and trees.


12- Perks : If the factions are hard to implement, a perk system is better than nothing. In the beginning of a battle you choose up to 4 robots and 6 abilities and thats it, your stuck with what you choose till you start another battle.

13- An option to disable upgrades to build units cheaper.

14-Option to display detailed unit stats : rate of fire/hp/speed/fire power/especial effects etc/ ability duration(stun slow freeze duration).

15-Option to add fog of war

16- bug fixs
recycler becomes bugged after getting frozen and wont collect anymore.

I've encountered a bug that makes units un-able to move if they got hit by ice

17-ability to kill your own units (to make way for units at the back to advance)

18-ability to choose priority targets:
1- Shoot furthest target
2- Shoot closest target
3- Shoot target with lowest health
4- Shoot target with highest health
How will this work ? Here is an example, you set both ice and laser to highest health target so you make sure that they both kill the target with the highest health.
Another example is the flame robot, I use my flame robot to kill targets with lower health due to its high rate of fire, I don't want it to waste its time on stronger robots so i can just assign it to prioritize the units with weaker health.

A)Capture the flag: In a limited time, a team must capture the enemy team flag and come back.
B)Platform points: Capturing platforms will give you points over time, you win by reaching a certain amount of points.
C) Push : In this mode Instead of having multiple lanes you get a big one ( or two for teams ) instead. you need to push the enemy back and destroy their HQ while preventing them from pushing you back and destroy yours.

20- Cool down for units : to prevent spamming. ( there could be an ability that can be used encase of an emergency all cool downs are off for 5 seconds or for the next 5 robots produced.)

21-sound effect if units pass through portal

22- unit voice acting ( at-least basic voices I dont get the feeling that the units are robots.. I feel that they are just moving blocks)

23- Steam related:
A)Force to use steam name

B)Steam free multiplayer week end + discount + massive patch = money ( believe me if this is done correctly you will get A LOT of money, you wont do this unless you hate money! here is proof : http://www.pcpowerplay.com.au/forums...res-mean-then/ )

C) demo On steam : http://www.4sdk.com/powerofdefense

Maybe you can add them when you create a sequel ? I love the game its really great, It reminds me of Swords and Solders one of the best simple RTS games out there but its loaded with variety and has 3 factions, I hope developers keep their promise about this game and make it as good as Swords and Soldiers if not better !

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give me a game-speed control for single player and I'll be happy.
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