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Mouse lag?

So i have just brought this game and it seams i have to moove the mouse pretty fast to get it moving the guy, this is a pain for presice aiming cuz i can't get the crosshair to move :/ and when it does the target has moved. The game runs smooth but the mouse crosshai don't.
Please help.
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Like such?
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McyGCT3lf5A

Some person in another forum said that editing a config file would help.
I'm not very sure if it helps or if it's just "the placebo effect"

Open your "My Documents" -> "capcom" -> "Lost Planet 2" -> config.ini with NOTEPAD.

In the 2nd line you find


Set this to


Save it

Run the game. Adjust the mouse speed maybe a little and look if it has changed.
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You don't need to do that even, just go into settings -> key configuration and raise mouse sensitivity to 32 (equals regular mouse movement)
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