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Crazy | Don
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Fix for Vista 64 and more than 2GB's'o'Ram

Okay people... while searching for fixes i found a post by some german dude... Fact is the games graphic's mess up if youv got more than 2 gb's of ram so heres the solution :
(Trnaslating it from german please excuse the mistakes)

1. In the Startmenu go to " Run " then run the programm " MSCONFIG ".

2. In the new popup go to the second flap called " Start " and then press "Advanced Options".

3. Tick the box on the right side of the new pop that says something like "Maximum Memory" and set it to a max of 2000 or lower.

4. Save and restart.

5. Now you will notice that when your running HoAE you cant see the Cinematics so now go to options and set it to 16. bit colours.

6. Restart HoAE and it should work.

Atleast it did for me. If you want to use your full ram again all you gotta do is go back to " msconfig" and untick the "max memory" box.

Hope this helped you as much as it helped me!

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Is there any other options ?

Rebooting for 2 GB RAM is a **** Solution. It works but after gaming Reboot again for max RAM is Lame .
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Fix for Vista 64 and more than 2GBsoRam

i dont think that cpu would be limiting since vista doesnt eat up much more cpu time than an xp well if u use it in classic windows style win98, but it uses more ram thats for sure
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Geez, another game like Act of War eh? Great.. just great..
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I just tried this last night and it works like a charm. I am running Vista 64-bit with 4 GB of RAM and a Geforce 8800 GTS. Its annoying as hell, but not unmanageable. I doubt they are going to do anything about it, so thank you for posting this workaround!
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