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Why you need to release the demo

10 euro isn't a fortune, most can afford any game for the holiday sale price of 5 euro, and yesterday's price (less than 3 euro) was a total bargain.
I'm addicted to Spectromancer, I like MTG, and probably I would love this game, but still I didn't buy it. Because even if someone would pay me for getting something that has even a tiny risk of being a crap, I would not get it. Normally people pay for removing junk and waste, so why should one risk of paying for accumulating it?
Already half of the games I own on Steam are junk which I got in packs and don't even install, and there's no way of getting rid of them because due to Valve's corporate greed you can't sell or exchange or even give them away as a gift. Hopefully in a couple of years it will be a good idea to sell your account with hundreds of games, of which you play 30 at most and which you can purchase again on a new account for 5 euro each, then Valve will come to reason...
Anyway back on topic - making a demo isn't that hard, programmers just need to place some restrictions here and there and strip the resources of restricted contents, it should be already done a long time ago. Releasing a demo right after squashing the worst bugs is the best practice - profitable for both client and the vendor.
Let me see what you have there so I know that I'm not paying for being stupid.

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