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Similar problem

Hi, I am having a sort of similar problem as the original post. The game loads fine and the menu selection screen is also fine, but as soon as I select my starting location I encounter a huge amount of lag. Basically the game becomes almost unresponsive with it taking seconds to recognize mouse clicks or key commands. I have the monster spawn cap at 1 and am only trying to play against 1 opponent. The screen is set to full screen not windowed. My laptop is not amazing but I don't believe the graphics should be enough to cause this much trouble as I can play far more demanding games with much less trouble. My processor is an Intel Core2 Duo T6400 2.00GHz with 3GB of ram. I believe my video is a GMA mobile Intel 4 series express chipset.

I have not tried to uninstall and reinstall the game yet because that seems like an odd solution to me, but I will soon. One last detail, the lag does not always occur immediately. Most of the time it will happen after the first or second turn but on occasion will start right after I select my base. As soon as I quit the match and go back to the main menu the lag is gone (I think, I am pretty sure but it's been a day since I checked.)
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The lag you're experiencing is right where the in-game graphics acceleration begins. This is possibly indicative of your graphics card being a bit on the slow side, or your drivers being not up-to-date.

We had some problems with GMA onboard graphics earlier, and in the 1.2 patch updated all the code so we work on Intel GMA graphics. However, this does not mean that we will run *quickly* on all laptop computers (I did the first year of development on a laptop w/ a non-integrated gfx card, and had to get a desktop to develop with, because Delve Deeper can eat a bit of memory)

If you can tell me exactly which # GMA you're laptop has (GMA 3100, GMA X4500, etc.) I can give you a better answer of whether or not your specific card should be able to run our game.
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